Sell your furniture in less than 10 days

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Sell your furniture in less than 10 days

AptDeco is the safest and fastest way to sell your furniture

Join the AptDeco community where thousands have made thousands selling their furniture in NYC metro area.

How it works

Free to list

Posting your item to AptDeco is always free. When a user purchases your furniture, a small fee is deducted ranging from 19% - 33%. This fee is always displayed before you post your furniture, so there are no surprises in the process.

Selling experience

Listing with AptDeco is unlike listing anywhere else. We provide services that cater to making sure your listing is as strong as possible, making sure your furniture sells quickly.

360 Team

Our team is comprised of experts who can help with every aspect of your sale. We handle optimizing your listing, payments, insurance certificates, pick-up, assembly and delivery. All you have to do is post your furniture, we’ll take care of the rest.

Here’s how to become a seller


First, create your listing

List in a few minutes, sell in a few days! Post your furniture on AptDeco. Give us the 101 on your item. We’ll recommend a competitive price to you, but ultimately the decision is yours. Once we have all the info, we send your listing directly to our curation team. The curation crew will review your listing, help with any missing information, and share feedback before your item goes live!


Make the sale

The great thing about AptDeco is that you don’t have to just sit and wait. Our platform allows you to communicate directly with buyers, and offer enticing incentives like sending special discounts, offering to cover delivery, etc. Once a user requests to purchase your item, we’ll notify you and ask you to confirm it’s availability.


Get ready for pickup

(Spoiler alert, your work is done, we’ve got it from here!) AptDeco will now help coordinate pick up and delivery of your furniture. When you confirm your sale, we’ll send over some dates for you to choose from so we can come grab your furniture! We’ll text you before we arrive, do a quick inspection of your item and take it to its new home!


Get paid

When your item sells, the buyer is charged via our platform. After your item is delivered, we release the payment. Usually this takes 2-5 business days, depending on your bank’s processing time. Our system is completely safe and secure, and you can always ask us more about it if you have any questions!

What is AptDeco’s selling fee?

Listing is free on AptDeco. When you make a sale we charge a fee ranging from 19% - 33% based on the category, brand and selling price of your item. This fee allows us to advertise your item(s), handle payment processing (i.e. credit card fees), mediate returns, and disputes, provide necessary insurance and provide excellent customer service 7 days a week.

Sell your furniture in less than 10 days

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