Get a full refund — it's simple!


You send a return request

Go to your Purchase History page and initiate the return from there.


We collect information

We'll request full details from the seller and delivery team.


You get your money back

Quick resolution for eligible items.

We will issue a refund for items that fall under these categories :

Wrong item / Missing item / Doesn't match the listing

Get the item you ordered, or your money back

If your item arrives and it doesn't match the listing in condition, brand, color, size or authenticity, let us know! If you're picking it up yourself, just leave it at the seller's location and contact us. If it doesn't match we'll give you a full refund—it's that simple.

No-cost resale

If you decide you don't like an item you've received even though it's the right piece, we'll help you to resell it through AptDeco—and we'll waive our sellers' fees to help you earn back your expenses.

Hands-on Resolution

Go to your "Purchase History" to initiate a return within 24 hours of receipt of your item(s). You will always have a real person here to speak to. We are here by phone, email to help you talk through any concerns or issues. Contact us and we will work with you to resolve the issue immediately.

Why are sales final?

Once you submit a request for purchase, the seller removes their item from the market. That means they lose the ability to sell it to anyone else. Missing the opportunity to sell an item can be very problematic for a seller, as they are often in a time crunch before a big move. Before selecting an item it's important to be confident in your purchase.