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Most furniture items can be sold on AptDeco, however there are a few exceptions. We cannot sell: mattresses, IKEA wardrobes, murphy beds or electronics. Learn more about what items you can sell on AptDeco Arrow Right

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New: Product hasn't been unwrapped from the box
Good: Minor blemishes that most people won't notice
Satisfactory: Moderate wear and tear, but still has many good years left
Age-worn: Has lived a full life and has a "distressed" look with noticeable wear

My item has been exposed to...

Please identify if your item has been exposed to pets or smoke as potential buyers may have allergies. Safety first!



Add at least 3 photos of your item from several angles. Include detailed pictures of any wear and tear or damage. Listings with better pictures sell 3x faster!

Read more about how to take good photos.

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The minimum listing price for most items is $100. This excludes some smaller items such as decor, some chairs, nightstands, and side tables which can be listed starting at $50.

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Providing more details about your item’s history, brand, collection, and condition go a long way in helping potential buyers feel secure in their purchase, so don’t hold back!

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