In Demand: The Best Furniture to Sell on AptDeco in August

Our month­ly “in demand” roundup up gives you the inside scoop on exact­ly what fur­ni­ture to sell on Apt­De­co this month. We’re break­ing down the cat­e­gories and brands that are sell­ing the fastest on the site, aka what buy­ers want right now. It’s a seller’s game at Apt­De­co and demand for trendy fur­ni­ture is always high. While all types of fur­ni­ture sells on the site, these are the most sought-after pieces at the moment. Mean­ing, if you have one of the below items that you’re ready to part ways with, you should list it ASAP.

August’s Top Sellers

Buy­ers can’t get enough of the below items. They’re sell­ing like hotcakes—so hop to it! 

Patio Furniture

Black iron patio furniture set with orange cushions being sold on AptDeco

Unsur­pris­ing­ly, patio fur­ni­ture is so hot right now (sum­mer pun, intend­ed). Even in the mid­dle of sum­mer, peo­ple are look­ing to upgrade their out­door spaces. But have you seen how expen­sive patio fur­ni­ture can be? Shop­ping sec­ond­hand is a great alter­na­tive for buy­ers not ready to com­mit to an expen­sive set.

And out of every­thing on this list, patio fur­ni­ture has the least amount of vari­ety avail­able. Meaning—if you post it there’s a high like­li­hood it’ll get sold, fast.

Wall Lamps

Gold 1950's wall sconce being sold on AptDeco

Wall lamps are one of the most func­tion­al pieces you can own. They don’t take up any floor real estate, can act as a replace­ment for oth­er wall decor, and instant­ly ele­vate your space. They just-so-hap­pen to be pop­u­lar on Apt­De­co right now, so now’s the per­fect time to sell. 

Picture Frames

White photo frame for sale on AptDeco

We’d ven­ture a guess to say that almost every­body read­ing this has an extra pic­ture frame or two gath­er­ing dust in their home right now. List it and make some quick cash! Plus we’ll pick it up for you. Eas­i­est $50 you ever made.

Coffee Tables

Cof­fee tables are always pop­u­lar on Apt­De­co. Par­tial­ly, because the sheer vari­ety of styles and types of cof­fee tables. The Apt­De­co com­mu­ni­ty is pur­chas­ing these in every style right now, so if you have one to list, now is a great time to do so.

King Beds

Metal frame canopy king bed popular on AptDeco right now

We love that king beds are in demand. This might mean our com­mu­ni­ty is siz­ing up their homes and bed­rooms, and we love to see it! If you’re also siz­ing up (Cal­i­for­nia King?) or just ready for a refresh, sell your king bed here. 

August’s Top Brands

These are the brands that have grown in popularity the most this month. People are searching for these often, and ready to purchase.

Have an item from one of these stores? It’s like­ly to sell quick­ly, and leave you with a chunk of change!

Our list of the most in-demand items on Apt­De­co changes month­ly and is affect­ed by sea­son­al­i­ty and trends. Check back here every month to get the lat­est updates on what fur­ni­ture to sell.

Ready to list something new? Start selling!

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