11 Fall Decor Ideas from the Pros

Fall decor dispersed throughout a living room

Fall is final­ly upon us, and it’s time to get your home ready for host­ing fam­i­ly and friends. Whether you live in a stu­dio apart­ment or a three-bed­room house, you can make plen­ty of swaps with your every­day decor to give it a fes­tive vibe. 

If you’re like us, as much as we live, laugh, and love fall and pump­kins, we don’t need a sign to tell us what time of year it is. Here are some cre­ative, non-cheesy fall decor ideas that will trans­form your space this year. 

Waft-in Fall Fragrances

Woman adding fall fragrance to her home with essential oils and a pine cone

One of the biggest secrets in inte­ri­or design is hav­ing the right scent in your space. With­out chang­ing your decor, you can give your home a fall vibe by switch­ing to a fall-themed fra­grance through­out your home. Do this by sim­ply using an essen­tial oils dif­fuser, pot­pour­ri, or mak­ing a sim­mer pot before you host. Tra­di­tion­al fall scents include apple, cin­na­mon, orange, nut­meg, clove, and pump­kin. Or, if you’re look­ing for a more earthy fall fra­grance, look towards cedar­wood, juniper, palo san­to, rose­mary, and frankincense. 

Mix in Autumn-Themed Candles

Fall-themed candles setting the stage for autumn

Can­dle com­pa­nies make it easy to change the scent in your home. But, if you find scent­ed can­dles over­whelm­ing, you can still use can­dles to cre­ate a fall mood in your space. Choose unscent­ed pil­lars or taper can­dles in fes­tive col­ors such as dark oranges, deep reds, mus­tard yel­low, olive green, or cream to achieve a fes­tive look. 

You can even take it fur­ther by pur­chas­ing autumn-themed can­dle­sticks or votive hold­ers. If you’re crafty, you can make your own using a small­er can­dle in a large glass jar and fill the extra space with sea­son­al items like corn ker­nels, acorns, small pinecones, whole nut­meg, or all­spice. Add a bow made of burlap rib­bon or twine for a bit of extra flare. 

Pick Seasonal Fruit

In-season pears in a basket as fall decor

When it comes to fall decor ideas, always look towards moth­er nature. Per­haps the eas­i­est way to make your space look fes­tive is to add a fruit bowl to your counter filled with fruits of the sea­son. Add a vari­ety of dif­fer­ent apples, pears, and oranges. Doing so will add a pop of col­or. Choose a fruit bowl that gives off an autumn vibe, like wood, jute, amber glass, ter­ra­cot­ta, deep red, or gold, for an extra touch. Or, sim­ply stick with a wick­er bas­ket for that farm fresh feel. 

Try Amber-Colored Glass 

Colored glass used for fall decor on a shelf

Anoth­er quick way to give your home fall vibes is to swap out your tra­di­tion­al vas­es for amber-col­ored glass, such as mason jars, vin­tage glass­ware, or design­er amber glass vases. This sim­ple switch adds warmth to your space, giv­ing it an instant fall upgrade. You can make these jars even more fes­tive by wrap­ping jute string around their neck or base. 

Add more Patterns and Textures

Textured pillows and blankets to add fall decor

Most fall decor ideas focus on your man­tle, cof­fee table, or book­shelf, but this one is for the sofa. Fall is the per­fect time to pull out the extra throws and accent pil­lows. Choose knits, pat­terns, and tex­tures to give it that extra cozy feel. Stick with fab­rics such as boucle, che­nille, vel­vet, cash­mere, leather, flan­nel, and sher­pa fleece. As far as pat­terns go, incor­po­rate buf­fa­lo check, plaid, stripes, geo­met­rics, and dots into the mix. Just be sure to dis­trib­ute col­or even­ly and com­bine tex­ture, solids, and patterns. 

Incorporate Dried and Fresh Fall Florals

Dried fall florals in a vase for fall decorating

In-sea­son stems and plants are a cheer­ful way to give your apart­ment a fes­tive look. What’s fun about fall is that you have plen­ty of options. For fresh bou­quets and plants, look for sun­flow­ers, lilies, daisy poms, celosia, ros­es in autumn col­ors, and mums. Fall is also a great time to incor­po­rate dried leaves, flow­ers, and grass­es into your decor. Choose an assort­ment of oak branch­es, dried euca­lyp­tus, pam­pas grass, bun­ny tails, cot­ton, and dried wheat to give your home a fall vibe. 

Create A Spicy Rustic Garland

A rustic orange and wood garland to decorate for fall

Dried cit­rus, apples, pears, and whole spices are the per­fect ingre­di­ents for a fall space. While plac­ing some in a dec­o­ra­tive bowl gives an instant touch of fall, you can also get a bit more cre­ative by trans­form­ing them into a rus­tic gar­land. Using a branch, jute string, dried cit­rus, star anise, cin­na­mon sticks, and rose­mary, you can cre­ate a rus­tic macrame piece that is boho chic. Or, go the more tra­di­tion­al route and string togeth­er dried oranges, rose­mary sprigs, and cin­na­mon sticks. Not crafty? It’s okay. Many artists sell them too! Either way, this fall decor idea adds a bit of col­or and the per­fect autumn touch to your home. 

Go Light On the Pumpkins

Piles of gourds and pumpkins

While pump­kins are great, they’re a bit over­done when it comes to fall decor. Instead, bring in oth­er fall ele­ments into your decor. Instead of adding pump­kins, opt for oth­er gourds and squash­es. Con­sid­er adding oth­er ele­ments as well, like apples, pears, pinecones, and acorns. Not only does this give you a dif­fer­ent form fac­tor, but it increas­es the range of col­or in your decor. 

Switch Up Your Linens

A table setting with a checkered napkin to decorate for fall

The small­est fall decor ideas can yield big results when giv­ing your home that fall feel­ing. Swap out your reg­u­lar linens for ones that fit a fall col­or scheme; think ochre, olive, brown, rust, maroon, gray, and black. You can do this with your bath tow­els, bed­sheets, table­cloths, kitchen tow­els, show­er cur­tains, etc., bring­ing fall to every room of your home. Don’t for­get you’re not locked into sol­id col­ors. You can add fall pat­terns and tex­tures this way too! 

Bring in Fall Accents

Fall-themed accent vases with dried florals

Adding the most seem­ing­ly benign decor items can give your home fresh fall vibes. To get the biggest pay­off, look to incor­po­rate nat­ur­al mate­ri­als into your decor, such as ter­ra­cot­ta vas­es or bowls, nat­ur­al wood­en ele­ments, and antique met­als. Anoth­er easy ele­ment to add to your decor is burlap. Wrap some books in brown paper, stack them, and tie them togeth­er with a burlap rib­bon for a quick and easy fall decor piece. 

Whether you’re look­ing for some DIY options, want to add new pieces, or want to spruce up your exist­ing inte­ri­or design, these fall decor ideas will help your home feel cozy and warm this fall. What are some of your favorite ways to give your space a fall makeover? 

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