5 Signs You Should Redecorate

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There isn’t a rule book on how often you should redecorate and refresh furniture, making it a confusing and easily overlooked process. When spring cleaning time comes around, you clean out your closet and evaluate how much those dad sneakers get worn, or whether that leopard print skirt is still on-trend. But how often do you think about whether you should upgrade furniture you’re no longer loving?

We think your furniture should evolve as often as you do. Modern furniture marketplaces, like AptDeco, help make this more of a reality by letting you make a return on your original investment, save money on your next piece by shopping used and contribute to furniture sustainability.

How do you know when a refresh is needed? According to Ideal Home, the answer is about once every two years. But there are multiple factors to consider when deciding to redecorate, so the answer isn’t one size fits all. A good rule of thumb is to check in with yourself every once in a while. These 5 signs you should redecorate can help you figure out what works best for your home.

1. Your style has evolved

Two White Club Chairs in Living Room

When you live with your decor every day, it’s harder to point out what’s no longer working for you. Take time every now and then to mindfully think about how happy your decor makes you feel. Believe it or not, your living space contributes to your happiness. 

Another way to figure out if your style has evolved? Take our style quiz.

2. Your lifestyle has changed

A more obvious sign it’s time for a refresh is when your lifestyle has changed. Maybe that table for one is now a table for two, or you need furniture that can withstand kids or pets. Big life changes might mean you need to update your furniture for functionality purposes. A small update can really make all the difference.

3. You keep adding new furniture to cart

Do you keep envisioning that one piece in your apartment? Do you sometimes add it to cart? Yeah, us too. If you keep seeing new styles you’re loving, it might be worth it to finally invest in that accent piece.

Furniture is like the pair of shoes you’re reluctant to spend money on but end up living in. Worth every penny.

4. You can’t seem to contain the clutter

We’re all familiar with that feeling you get when your closets are bursting at the seams. A quick Marie Kondo clean sweep might help, but doesn’t always do the trick. Try switching your furniture out for pieces that double as storage or provide additional space for organization. You’d be surprised how often furniture hides sneaky storage solutions in a sleek silhouette. 

5. You feel uninspired in your space

In an ideal world, you love the space you live in and feel inspired when you’re in it—especially when working from home all day. While creating your dream home with the snap of your fingers isn’t exactly attainable, there are tiny tweaks you can make to your current situation that’ll bring you joy. And after the year we’ve all had, you undoubtedly deserve it.

These signs you should redecorate are a great jumping off point! The more you get in tune with what’s working for you, the easy it will be to spot when a refresh is needed.

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