Ikea NJ vs. Ikea Brooklyn

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The age-old question: which Ikea should you go to? If you’ve ever moved to a new city you’ll resonate with this familiar debate. Because, let’s face it, you’re definitely making at least one trip to the furniture behemoth during your first few months in a new place.

Surprisingly, the store you choose matters. For New York City, where rent is half your salary, and transporting furniture is the stuff of nightmares, even a tiny leg up is worth the research. So we’re getting to the bottom of thingsā€”is Elizabeth, NJ Ikea better than the Brooklyn Ikea?

Getting There

We’ve done an entire post on Ikea Brooklyn and the wonder that is the water taxi, so admittedly, we’re a little biased. The free water taxi not only transports you, but gives you some solid cityscape and Statue of Liberty views. If you’re not up for an aquatic adventure, there are shuttles and subway stops close by as well.

In New Jersey, there’s also a shuttle and it leaves from Port Authority. Not nearly as exciting as the water taxi, but it’s also free.

Winner: Brooklyn. The Brooklyn location gets the victory on this one because its closer, the water taxi rocks, and you can make it by subway if needed.

The Selection

Regardless of which location you end up at, take a look at the Ikea website beforehand. They update their stock in real time so you can see if the pieces you’re looking for are available.

In our experience, the Elizabeth, NJ Ikea has the most consistent, in stock selection. Given that Brooklyn is more convenient location-wise, it also tends to sell products faster.

Winner: New Jersey

The Experience

Blue and yellow all day. Ikea knows how to brand, so the stores are pretty identical in terms of aesthetic.

In terms of size, the Ikea in NJ is much larger and more spacious than the one in Brooklyn. You’ll also find it’s less crowded, making it easier to move around the space. If you hate slow walkers or weaving around people then head straight to New Jersey.

If you’re looking to make a day of it, head to the Brooklyn location. It’s on the water and boasts amazing views of the city. You can also roam around Red Hook and check out popular spots like Brooklyn Crab, Hometown BBQ and Red Hook Winery.

Winner: New Jersey, because avoiding crowds as much as possible is the name of the game in NYC.

Getting Home

In Brooklyn, after taking the elevator down to the garage, there are taxis that wait outside to take you home. This option will cost you $60 or so, but if you can swing it the convenience is worth it. You can also take the water taxi back, but you can only bring items that can fit in the blue Ikea shoppers, meaning if you purchased a lot of large pieces you’re out of luck.

Although taxis don’t line up for pickups in New Jersey like they do in Brooklyn, you can still grab a taxi or Uber pretty easily. If you live in Midtown or higher, this is probably going to be the more affordable option for you. Another option is same day delivery for $39, because lugging your furniture home is no fun.

Winner: Brooklyn. It’s closer for NYC residents, which means quicker and cheaper to make your way home.

The Bottom Line

Given all the factors that come with each location, it’s easy to see why the Ikea you choose makes a difference. If you’re looking to save time or make a quick trip then Ikea Brooklyn is your go-to. If you’re looking to save money and get exactly what you need, then Ikea NJ can’t be beat.

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