How to Sell Your Furniture Faster

Whether you’re mov­ing or just ready for a change, by the time you’re ready to sell your fur­ni­ture it’s got­ta go. We feel you—there’s noth­ing like the fur­ni­ture that silent­ly taunts you with each day that it doesn’t get sold. 

And while we’re here to help you sell your fur­ni­ture A‑S-A‑P, there are things you can do to speed up the process. Here are a few tips and tricks that are sure to help you sell your stuff faster—straight from the Apt­De­co team.

To get more views: Post 5–7 clear photos 

Before your eyes roll to the back of your head, hear us out. Obvi­ous? Maybe. But you’d be sur­prised how many list­ings include 1 or 2 poor­ly lit pho­tos. Sta­tis­ti­cal­ly, post­ing between 5 and 7 pho­tos helps your fur­ni­ture sell the fastest on our plat­form. Pho­to qual­i­ty mat­ters, too. For the best results, upload mul­ti­ple shot angles and make sure to take them in good light­ing.

To attract serious buyers: Include as many product details as possible 

Always include details like orig­i­nal price, prod­uct link and prod­uct descrip­tion when pos­si­ble. Addi­tion­al details like why you’re get­ting rid of the prod­uct, how you used it and how much you’ve enjoyed the item helps to make buy­ers feel more con­fi­dent with a quick decision. 

To sell faster: Price your item fairly

This is pos­si­bly the biggest fac­tor in how quick­ly your item will sell. Using our pric­ing tool, you can cal­cu­late the opti­mal price point for your prod­uct, but ulti­mate­ly the set price is your choice. In our expe­ri­ence, the best price is around 60% off the orig­i­nal cost. If you can’t wait to get an item off your hands, then start here. Time is money!

AptDeco Pricing Module Slider for selling furniture faster

To avoid returns: Be upfront about flaws

Let’s be honest—we’re deal­ing with pre-owned prod­ucts. If an item you used didn’t have even the slight­est flaw we’d be con­cerned. This is all to say, flaws are fine! Wel­come, even. We know this and buy­ers know this, too. So make sure to include any notes or pic­tures about dents or scratch­es. If any­thing, includ­ing dam­ages will make buy­ers feel more com­fort­able pur­chas­ing from you since you’re upfront about it.

AptDeco listing screenshot of conditions options

For quick turnover: Cover delivery fees 

This is the eas­i­est way to set your list­ing apart from oth­ers. Deliv­ery costs can be a deter­min­ing fac­tor for buy­ers, so if you can swing it, try and cov­er at least part of the deliv­ery fee. Buy­ers can fil­ter by deliv­ery fees, so you’ll be sure to get more eyes on your list­ing if you cov­er it for them. Anoth­er option is to allow self-pick­up. Give buy­ers the option to bypass deliv­ery fees and get the item straight from the source. We still han­dle pay­ment and details, but this method can real­ly help speed up the process.

Example of a good way to sell your furniture faster: Cover delivery. AptDeco Sell Page - Delivery fee selection section

There you have it—5 very sim­ple ways to get your item on its way to a new home. Have any oth­er sell­ing tips to share? Hit us in the comments.

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