Where to Shop Online for Vintage Furniture

Close-up of Vintage Wood Chair in front of Tan Background

Noth­ing haunts us like the vin­tage we did­n’t buy. 

Vin­tage fur­ni­ture shop­ping is dif­fi­cult, to say the least. Find­ing a store with a good selec­tion can feel impos­si­ble, sort­ing through end­less troves of fur­ni­ture only to leave emp­ty-hand­ed is dis­heart­en­ing, and find­ing a way to trans­port the piece you found is an even tougher chal­lenge. For us, vin­tage shop­ping online is a no-brain­er. It saves time, effort, and you can shop wider selec­tions from mul­ti­ple sell­ers. So we’re break­ing down our top places to find unique vin­tage online. 


For mid-cen­tu­ry, vin­tage and pop­u­lar brands, shop Apt­De­co! The vin­tage selec­tion ranges from sin­gle resellers, to avid vin­tage col­lec­tors who are look­ing to offload their incred­i­ble col­lec­tions. The prices range from super afford­able to not-so-bud­get-friend­ly, giv­ing you the best of both worlds. The best part is that deliv­ery and assem­bly are tak­en care of by a white glove deliv­ery team so you don’t have to wor­ried about any miss­ing screws, scratch­es, or car­ry­ing a sofa up a fifth floor walk-up!


For more expen­sive design­er brands, check out Chairish. Chairish is a design-lover’s dream, with a curat­ed selec­tion of the most lux­u­ri­ous brands at slight­ly less, lux­u­ry prices. While you’ll still pay a pret­ty pen­ny for most of these, it’s a great place if you’re look­ing for spe­cif­ic vin­tage or antique pieces.

1st Dibs

1st Dibs is the prici­est of these three options, but has some tru­ly unique, one-of-a-kind pieces. If you’re pre­pared to shell out some cash, you’ll find the vin­tage piece you’ve always dreamed about. Fur­ni­ture isn’t the only thing they sell either; you can shop jew­el­ry, fash­ion, art and decor, too.


You can find just about any­thing on Etsy, includ­ing vin­tage fur­ni­ture. The selec­tion isn’t as large as the pre­vi­ous­ly men­tioned sites, but if you’re look­ing for a spe­cif­ic piece this is a great place to check.

Local Vintage Store Social Media Accounts

If you have any local vin­tage stores, there’s a good chance they also post their prod­uct selec­tions on social media or their web­site. Often times you can buy prod­ucts just by DMing them, so you don’t have to wor­ry about rush­ing into the store to claim it. 

In New York City, a few of our favorites are Dob­bin St. Co-Op, Home Union, Dream Fish­ing Tack­le and Fur­nish Green. 

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