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Armchair in the salon room in an apartment

We head­ed over to Wash­ing­ton Heights in Upper Man­hat­tan for a tour of Mal­o­rie’s apart­ment, and when we say her place was a true treat to vis­it, we mean it! It felt like a les­son on lay­er­ing, col­or the­o­ry, and cura­tion, right out of an inte­ri­or design magazine.

As you’ll see, Mal­o­rie has a great eye for vin­tage and unique pieces. Her style is eclec­tic with a bohemi­an twist. 

Watch for: The salon room! A rar­i­ty in NYC, and full of char­ac­ter. If we ever have a spare bed­room lying around we now know exact­ly what to do with it.

Styling tips from Malorie

  • Don’t jump on the first item you see! Gain inspi­ra­tion then shop around to find the per­fect piece at the per­fect price point.
  • Sec­ond­hand pieces have his­to­ry and char­ac­ter. That char­ac­ter will trans­late to your space whether you notice it right away or not.
Eclectic living room featuring AptDeco pieces, part of Malorie's Upper Manhattan apartment tour

Mal­o­rie’s liv­ing room real­ly sets the tone for the whole apart­ment. It’s clas­sic and com­fy with a touch of bold. Mal­o­rie mix­es prints and tex­tures here to cre­ate a cohe­sive look that comes togeth­er seamlessly.

Wood frame with papyrus egyptian cat print vintage

A close-up of the vin­tage papyrus cat print that Mal­o­rie found on Apt­De­co. We’re always thrilled to see our com­mu­ni­ty using the site to find unique art.

Cozy reading nook with black lounge chair, part of the manhattan apartment tour

This cozy nook sits as an exten­sion of the liv­ing room and offers up the per­fect week­end read­ing corner.

Salong room with lounge chair, lamp and bar cart

One of two iden­ti­cal arm­chairs found in the salon. This mag­i­cal room is com­plete with a record play­er, bar cab­i­net, high­top din­ing table and piano. Per­fect for host­ing a small gathering.

Black oriental bar cabinet shown in this Manhattan apartment tour

Mal­o­rie’s intri­cate bar cab­i­net is the cen­ter­piece and focal point of the salon room. 

Black hightop dining set found on AptDeco and shown during Malorie's Manhattan apartment tour

Mal­o­rie’s high­top din­ing set ties togeth­er the black bar cab­i­net and piano in the room. It also adds some wel­comed height to a room with most­ly low furniture.

Rugs found during Malorie's Upper Manhattan apartment tour

A look at the impres­sive assort­ment of rugs in Mal­o­rie’s place. She isn’t afraid to play with dif­fer­ent styles through­out the space and it works to her advantage!

That’s it for this Upper Man­hat­tan apart­ment tour. Have you seen our oth­er Apt­Sto­ries fea­tures? Find them here.

We’re look­ing for the next home to show­case in Apt­Sto­ries home tours! Want to be fea­tured? Get in touch at marketing@aptdeco.com.

Apt­Sto­ries par­tic­i­pants are gift­ed Apt­De­co cred­it in exchange for their par­tic­i­pa­tion in the series. 

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