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Mario Bellini couch in Danielle's apartment

We head­ed to one of the fastest-grow­ing NYC neigh­bor­hoods, Long Island City in Queens, for a tour of Danielle’s glam­orous apart­ment. Keep an eye out for the sought-after Mario Belli­ni couch, and larg­er-than-life floor mir­ror that Danielle found on AptDeco.

Styling tips from Danielle

  • Do your research. You’ll find the per­fect piece if you’re thorough.
  • You can almost always find an item at a dis­count if you know where to look *ahem AptDeco*

Danielle’s din­ing area is per­fect­ly sleek and chic. The mar­ble table (found on Apt­De­co!) sets the tone for the room and ties togeth­er the din­ing chairs and arched floor mirror.

Dining room on the tour featuring a marble dining table and black dining chairs.

The Mario Belli­ni couch. It does­n’t take much to make a room look put togeth­er with this beau­ty as the focal point. Accord­ing to Danielle, the couch is just as com­fort­able as it is beau­ti­ful. A win-win.

Mario Bellini couch in the corner of the living room.

The sec­ond bed­room in Danielle’s apart­ment serves as a mul­ti-pur­pose space with a vanity/work hybrid area, work­out space, and a home base for Danielle’s pup. 

The second bedroom features a floor-length mirror, white sherpa chair and vanity area.

Danielle’s bed­room fea­tures a match­ing set of CB2 Sha­green dressers, one of which she found on the site.

Ivory shagreen dresser with books and decor on top, in Danielle's apartment.

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We’re look­ing for the next home to show­case in Apt­Sto­ries home tours! Want to be fea­tured? Get in touch at marketing@aptdeco.com.

Apt­Sto­ries par­tic­i­pants are gift­ed Apt­De­co cred­it in exchange for their par­tic­i­pa­tion in the series. 

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