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Used Furniture

AptDeco 101

What is AptDeco?

What cities do you currently serve?

What is AptDeco's selling fee?

How do I join AptDeco?

Selling on AptDeco

Selling on AptDeco

How do I create a listing?

How do I price my item?

I've sold an item. What's next?

How and when do I get paid?

Making a purchase

Buying on AptDeco

How do I buy an item?

What happens after a purchase?

Can I pick up an item vs. have it delivered?

How do I use a promo code?

Pick up and Delivery

Pickup & Delivery

How much does delivery cost?

Do you provide insurance (COIs)?

Can I shorten my time window?

Do I have to disassemble my item?

Do you pick up and deliver to my area?

Getting Paid

My Listings

How do I edit my listing?

How do I unpublish my item?

How can I sell faster?

How do I opt-in to cover delivery for my item?

Returns and Refunds Paid

Returns & Refunds

What is AptDeco's return policy?

The item I purchased does not match the listing

What happens if my item does not fit into my building?

How To's

How To's

How do I contact a seller?

How do I send a coupon to a buyer?

How do I return an item?



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