We know that shopping for the right piece of new or used furniture for your apartment can be tough especially in fast-paced cities like NYC. We want to make sure that you find exactly what you’re looking for – and quickly – so we’ve put together 5 tips for finding what you’re looking for (almost) instantly.

1. Use the Search Bar

Sometimes you only have a vague idea of what you want, but other times you know exactly what you’re looking for (a Red West Elm Sofa, maybe?). If you do have a specific picture in mind, head straight to the search bar at the top of our homepage and search for it. The results update automatically in real-time as you type, helping you to efficiently find what you desire.

2. Head Straight to Your Subcategory

Are you looking for a dresser specifically? Then it doesn’t pay to click on the Storage section and filter by dressers from the next page. Just hover over the Storage category on the homepage and click through to Dressers from there. This will cut your searching time in half as you’ll go directly to the subcategory you’re interested in!

3. Filter, Filter, Filter

Once you’re on the category page that you’re looking for, you can filter further to make sure that you’re not seeing items you wouldn’t be interested in. You can enter the maximum dimensions that will fit in your space, the price range you’re looking for and the condition you want your furniture in. You can also search for a specific brand to narrow down your browsing, as well as select if you want to pick up the item yourself or if you only want to view items for which the seller is covering the delivery fee.

4. Shop Collections

Maybe you’re looking for a coffee table for your living room and you want it to fit with your designated motif - then you should check out one of our collections. Hover over the Sofas category (or Tables or Chairs, etc.) on the homepage and choose from one of our carefully curated collections - from Mid-Century Modern to Contemporary Furniture to Vintage & Antiques. These categories should help you narrow down your results so that you can quickly find your perfect piece.

5. Browse by Room

If you’re looking to deck out a whole room and don’t have a single item in mind, you can look through our room collections to find all of the pieces you need. We have curated pages for your Living Room, Dining Room & Kitchen, Bedroom and Office, so all you need to do is click on one of those pages and build your new room.

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