We offer the most competitive prices

See how we compare to other delivery options. Remember, we're fully insured too!

uninsured Starting at $98 ($49/hr min 2 hours)
taskrabbit Starting at $152 ($76/hr min 2 hours)
uhaul $110 / day + gas + mileage + labor
aptdeco $35 - $119 / item

We offer the simplest delivery pricing

Flat rate delivery pricing within based on the size and difficulty of item


Small Items

Headboards, Accent Chairs, Armchairs, Benches, Dining Chairs, Office Chairs, Ottomans / Footstools, Stools, Area Rugs, Mirrors, Other Décor, Pillows, Small Rugs, Wall Art, Celing Lamps, Floor Lamps, Table Lamps, Wall Lamps, Chest / Trunks, Nightstands, Coffee Tables, Side Tables


Medium Items

Dining sets, Cribs, Daybeds, Full beds, King beds, Queen beds, Twin Beds, Nursing Chairs, Recliners, 2 Piece Sectionals, 2 Seater Sofas, 3 Seater Sofas, Chaise Lounge, Futons, Loveseats, Sofa Beds, Bookcases, Dressers, Media Storage, Shelves, Sideboards / Credenzas, Changing Tables, Desks, Dining Tables


Large Items

Bedroom Sets, Loft and Bunk Beds, 3+ Piece Sectionals, Armoires / Wardrobes, Wall Units

We offer the lowest delivery prices whether you're buying multiple items from the same seller or different sellers

Multiple items
Multiple items

Multiple items from one seller's home

$35 - $119 for first item plus $35 - $119 per any additional item

Multiple items

Multiple items from different sellers homes

$35 - $119 per item.
But still the lowest out there

Multiple items
VS Multiple items Multiple items Multiple items Multiple items

Delivery Schedule

To keep our delivery prices low, we consolidate deliveries to certain areas to specific days

Long Island, Far Rockaway (Queens)



Connecticut, Westchester, Hudson Valley



New Jersey, Staten Island




Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx

All days of the week

We make pickup & delivery easy

Learn more about how our pickup & delivery process works


Preparation work

We will prepare and send insurance paperwork required by your building prior to your scheduled pickup/delivery date.

AptDeco AptDeco

Pickup from Seller

Our delivery team will notify the seller 30 - 45 mins prior to arrival. Upon arrival, they will inspect, disassemble(when applicable), and wrap the furniture for delivery. Prior to leaving, they will ask the seller to sign for pickup.


Delivery to Buyer

Our delivery team will notify the buyer 30-45 mins prior to arrival. Upon arrival, they will assemble (when applicable) the furniture and ask the buyer to sign for delivery. The buyer will have 24 hours to inspect and report any potential issues with their furniture.

Learn what goes into our delivery rate

Unlike other companies we are not looking to profit from delivery. We just want to pay our delivery team members fairly and cover fleet expenses. That's why we have the best prices!

Delivery members Delivery members 1-2 persons $18 p/h per person
Van or Track Van or Truck ~$40
Gas Gas ~$3 / item
Parking Parking ~$2.5 / item
Supplies Supplies ~$2.5 / item
Insurance Insurance $10