In Demand: What to Sell on AptDeco in November

Our monthly roundup of what to sell on AptDeco gives you the inside scoop on the top categories and brands that people are buying. It’s a seller’s game at AptDeco, and demand for trendy furniture is always high. While all types of furniture sells on the site, these are the most sought after pieces at the moment. Meaning, if you have one of the below items that you’re ready to part ways with, you should list it ASAP! 

November’s Top Sellers

Buyers can’t get enough of the below items. They’re selling like hotcakes — so hop to it! 

Accent Chairs

Green velvet accent chairs against a light pink wall

The easiest way to add a pop of color to a room without much commitment of effort? An accent chair. Buyers know this and are always looking for that perfect chair to complete the room. The fun thing about accent chairs is that if you get sick of them or just need a refresh they’re easy to sell and replace!


Crate & Barrel Cane Dresser with Black Trim in front of a window
Photo courtesy of Crate & Barrel

Dressers are consistently the most popular item on AptDeco. They also have the quickest turnaround of any product on our site. Want to try a new style of dresser? Post the one you have and peruse our vast selection of styles and sizes.


light wood bookcase with metal shell, in front of painted black wall
Photo courtesy of West Elm

Bookcases are the perfect item for a small space or rental, which is why they’re so popular on AptDeco! They offer endless decor variation without putting holes in your wall—a win-win. Bookcases are popular in many shapes and sizes, but we’re seeing a lot of minimalist and industrial-looking versions flying off the shelves site. Have one of your own to trade in? Sell it here.

Area Rugs

Black and white shag area rug in a living room

Area Rugs are a hot ticket item on AptDeco. Another easy piece to switch up your style without much effort. If you have one that doesn’t get much foot traffic, like under the bed, it’s easy to sell at a higher price since it’s good as new!


Photo courtesy of Anthropologie

Buyers are really into loveseats at the moment—maybe it’s because they’re great for small spaces, or because they can be so visually appealing. Either way, they’re growing in popularity and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down!

November’s Top Brands

These are the brands that have grown in popularity the most this month. People are searching for these often, and ready to purchase.

Have an item from one of these stores? It’s likely to sell quickly, and leave you with a chunk of change!

Our list of the most in-demand items on AptDeco changes monthly and is affected by seasonality and trends. Check back here every month to get the latest updates on what to sell on AptDeco.

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