Listen, we know that it’s usually mom that does the hard work (though we know some of you dads kick in some hard work as well). The right thing to do is give her a little sanctuary where she can rest and relax when she needs a few minutes of zen. Enter the mom shed.

Surely you’ve heard of man caves but have you heard of the mom shed? Also, called the she-shed, it’s a little retreat for mom – a home steps away from home. It’s usually a shed set up in the backyard area, where moms can go and create a little space just for herself.

We know you Manhattan-ites can only dream of this idea but if you’ve got a home in the boroughs or even in the suburbs of NYC with a bit of yard, this idea is perfection. Take a look at some of these mom sheds, mom caves, she sheds or whatever you’d like to call it. (And yeah, they get pretty fancy.)

Rustic Mom Shed

Zuhairah Home Interior Design

Modern Mom Shed

Tree Hugger

Shabby Chic Mom Shed

Wicker and Stitch

This time of year is perfect for a mom shed. The great thing about is mom can pretty much decorate it herself. No input from the kids or spouse. So if you have the outside room, kick back in your very own she shed, inspired by the ones above.