The Timeless Furniture Pieces Every Decor Lover Should Own

White Boucle Ottoman

Certain pieces of furniture never go out of style. The Inside is breaking down the most timeless furniture classics for us.

When shopping for furniture and décor for their homes, people often ask interior designers which pieces will stand the test of time – transcending age, family size and fleeting trends. Which timeless furniture pieces will we look at a decade from now that still make us smile? It’s no surprise that we place such an emphasis on timelessness in furniture design, as furniture is no small investment and should be able to grow with us in any space. But how do you know which pieces pass the ‘timeless’ test?

First and foremost, you may find it helpful to think of furniture like you do a wardrobe – invest in a few key capsule pieces that you’ll take with you through all the stages of your life, even as trends come and go. To narrow down your search and give you a few design ideas, we’ve taken a look at pieces throughout history that have stood the test of time, and rounded up our favorite styles below. The best part? Not only will these follow you from move to move, but these pieces don’t have to break the bank.


A pair of upholstered ottomans in a living room

An upholstered ottoman is one of those rare pieces of furniture that solves for both form and function. A duo of ottomans can infuse a joyful pop of color, pattern or personality (Scalamandré fabrics are our personal fave) into your space, without necessarily serving as the centerpiece of the room. Not only do they make your home decor feel highly considered, but they serve as a last-minute seating option around the coffee table if you’re entertaining in a pinch. For a one-two punch of functionality, opt for storage ottomans, which also have extra space for storing extra throw blankets or pillows.


Two White Club Chairs in Living Room

The club chair’s highlights are comfort and versatility. With a deep seat and big arms, they make the perfect chair to curl up in with a good book, and look just as chic as an accent in a bedroom or living room as they do as a pair in your home office. Also known as a tuxedo chair (back to the wardrobe analogy!), club chairs are the furniture equivalent to the classic suit: its clean lines are timeless and dapper no matter where or when.


A timeless leopard statement sofa

As the de facto centerpiece of any living room (and often the most expensive), the sofa is one of the most highly considered pieces of timeless furniture. There are a number of sofa frames that have remained relevant through the decades – from the regal Chesterfield sofa (our preference for a family room that doesn’t get daily use) to the Modern sofa (whose shape is a blank canvas: easily customizable to any design style depending on your choice of upholstery). No matter the style, to ensure you’re choosing a sofa that will last, pay attention to where and how your piece is manufactured. Solid craftsmanship will make all the difference. 


Leopard print upholstered headboard

If a cozy bedroom is your vibe, or you love reading/watching TV in bed, then an upholstered bed or headboard will be your best bet. Not only will you be able to customize the bed’s upholstery according to your style (unlike a wooden or metal frame), but the upholstery will never stop exuding that classic, grown-up feel that pulls your entire bedroom together. And, if you’re looking for a change down the line, the bed or headboard will be the perfect addition to a guest room – bringing an elevated and considered sense of style to a room that often feels like an afterthought.


A wood circular dining table is a timeless furniture piece

A dining table with a circular tabletop, also known as a tulip-style table or a Saarinen-style table, is the perfect timeless furniture piece to grow with you across decades. Not only are these tables compact and easy to move, but they create the perfect makeshift dining room if you’re in a small apartment and can be transformed into an entryway of kids’ craft table if you move into a bigger space. First rising to popularity during mid-century modern interior design era of the 20th century, these tables haven’t ever faded out of style. If you’re also in the market for complementary chairs, we love that almost any chair style works with these tables – from upholstered dining chairs for added glamour and elegance, to the minimalist Eames dining chair (the mid-century design icon known for their iconic lounge chair).


Black metal console table with 3 drawers

Like many of these other enduring pieces, the console table’s versatility makes this an instant classic. A simple console table can be adapted to a multitude of uses, as your needs and your space changes over time. What starts as a television stand can evolve into an entryway catch-all or a work-from-home desk. We can almost guarantee there won’t be a time in which you can’t find a stylish place for this piece. 

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