A new year is a great opportunity to make changes in your life, so why not freshening up your home to mark a new beginning? We’ve selected our favorite trends from Apartment Therapy, Refinery 29, Houzz and Macala Wright, among others.

Here are six ideas that will help you update your home with some of the big trends in Décor for 2016.

Statement Bathroom Mirrors

Make your mirror your bathroom’s star. A bathroom mirror can be aesthetic and functional at the same time. Consider large and stylish mirrors with Vintage, Mid-century or Retro influences. Take your pick according to your personal style.

Home decor trends 2016 - statement bathroom mirrors
photo by Bathroom Design Ideas

Metallic & Metals

Give your home a Retro bling with pops of gold, silver or brass. We’re talking wallpapers, lamps, chandeliers, ornaments, among other options. Add some luxury to your place with these accent pieces from the 1950s and 1970s.

Home decor trends 2016 - metallic wallpaper
photo by Refinery 29

Tech-less Living Rooms

Even though technology is a big part of our lives, it could be very useful to disconnect of its distractions from time to time. Decorate your living room without electronic items, i.e. TV. A digital-free space could help you to engage with your family and friends or even meditate. According to Houzz more and more families are implementing this trend, so why not try it? 

Home decor trends 2016 - tech less living room
photo by My House My Home

Artisan Goods

Add a distinct touch to a room with handcrafted pieces as portrayed by Huffpost. Think hats, vases, carpets or baskets that you got in your last vacation or that you got
from a local artisan. Mixing a couple of artisan goods with the rest of your decoration will infuse your space with originality
your guests will appreciate. 

Home decor trends 2016 - artisan goods
photo by Apartment Therapy

Geometric Tiles

Go beyond plain tiles to spice up a room with geometric designs. They could be particularly useful to add dimension to a small space. Pair them with a minimalist decoration and see a new, vivid space come to life! This Pinterest home trend is expected to rule this year according to Refinery 29.

Home decor trends 2016 - geometric tiles
photo by House Garden UK

Wall Collection

Fill your home with things you love. Hang one of your personal collections on the wall. Whether it’s a collection of vinyl records, guitars, posters or memorabilia from places you’ve traveled. Pepper your home with a personal touch to make it feel cozier. 

Home decor trends - camera wall collection
photo by Apartment Therapy

Lastly, have fun and make your home an extension of your personality. Decorate your place according to your personal style and be sure to exhibit pieces close to your heart. A personal and original style beats all the time.