Don’t call Jeffrey Phillip a designer: his role is so much more than that! Jeffrey has built a career around organizing, simplifying, and bringing beauty to his clients’ spaces. He’s our featured designer + organizer of the month, and we sat down with him to learn more about his process and unique approach to creating his very own AptDeco collection.

Jeffrey Phillip - featured interior designer
photo via Jeffrey Phillip

Jeffrey launched his career after working in the fashion and marketing industries straight out of college. “I spent about five or six years testing different companies to figure out what I wanted. During that time, I started to ask myself what I was most passionate about, which is something you should really be doing BEFORE college, not after,” he laughs.

He noticed he was really happy when pairing design elements with organization: pairing the left and right brain. “Everything always led me back to interiors and organizing. You could put me in a closet and I wouldn’t come out until everything was perfect. That’s when I discovered the National Association of Professional Organizers and realized that I had found my calling.”

closet organized by Jeffrey Philip
photo via Jeffrey Phillip

Jeffrey was at the forefront of a movement that has been growing in popularity. The design industry in general has become much more accessible over the years, which he attributes to the increasing popularity of shows like Property Brothers, Fixer Upper, and other shows on HGTV. “The organizing world has seen a growth in the combination of aesthetics with functionality. People are interested in the decisions that go into making your house feel like home, now more than ever. There’s more emphasis on taking pride in your home and enjoying your space regardless if you’re renting or buying, or even your income level. There’s also so many options for creating great living spaces, such as buying used furniture for example”.

Murray Hill living room styled by Jeffrey Phillip
photo via Jeffrey Phillip

What makes Jeffrey’s work as a dual designer and organizer so different is the way he approaches a project. Rather than simply choosing furniture based on style or aesthetic, he takes into account the functionality, practicality, and structure of a piece and how it relates to a space. When he meets a client for the first time, he spends time trying to understand not only their style, but also their space, lifestyle, likes and dislikes.

Upper West Side living room styled by Jeffrey Phillip
photo via Jeffrey Phillip

Often, his recommendation isn’t to buy more furniture: it’s actually to reconsider the space and pieces his clients already have and then simplify. “When I organize, I sort, declutter and go through everything. I approach a design project from a position of functionality and organization, in addition to the stylistic aspect. I focus on how design and functionality relate to one another,” he explains.

Jeffrey Phillip - AptDeco's featured interior designer

From organizing people’s homes to curating his own AptDeco collection

What was his inspiration for his curated collection on AptDeco? “I wanted the collection to be timeless but still current and fun,” he describes. “I selected some strong foundation pieces, for the living room, dining room and bedroom, but I also threw in a few unexpected pieces to mix things up.”

Jeffrey’s own personal tastes run towards the classic: “I tend to stick to furniture that’s pretty simple and timeless, in monochromatic or analogous colors – things that will blend much more and be softer on the eyes. I push myself to be punchier with color and pattern from time to time because I naturally gravitate toward serenity. I think that this aesthetic is a great fit when creating a space that is cohesive in its style and organization. I don’t want anything to feel too chaotic.”

When asked about his recommendations for our community, he said: “Get inspired! Don’t be afraid of trying different things. Just make sure to enjoy the process, have fun with and create a living space you LOVE!”

Jeffrey Phillip - AptDeco's featured interior designer

We love the collection that he put together on AptDeco and can’t wait to see what Jeffrey does next! Stay in touch with him and his projects by visiting his site.

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