Jaye Maynard has carved out a niche for herself that is best described as “life production” – and she’s very, very good at it. Her business, Whirling Dervish – Customized Personal Assistance, helps clients organize their possessions, whether that means getting rid of items that are no longer useful, paring down to move to a smaller space, or preparing to move in and combine households and furniture with a new partner. Coupled with her skill as a contemporary jazz singer and interest in working as a doula, Jaye’s creativity and focus allow her to help clients create a sense of peace in their homes.

Jaye Manyard in her brooklyn's home patio

Jaye shares her home in South Park Slope, Brooklyn, with her domestic partner Spike, and their dog and cat: Molly and Ethel.

She has been working for more than two decades organizing people’s lives, first in Los Angeles and now in New York City. The best way to describe her work? “I help people edit their environment; to either get rid of things, or to thoughtfully acquire unique, new things”. Her approach helps people identify pieces of furniture or decor that are special to them, and then build a space around that one focal point.

Jaye Maynard in black leather sofa

Jaye’s approach to interior design reflects her many varied interests, all united under the philosophy of simplicity, harmony, and peace. She uses feng shui to guide her approach to organization and decoration, and prefers using fall colors and elements (metal, glass, wood, and other natural materials) to create a nurturing space. Jaye’s not afraid to combine different decorating styles either – mid-century modern furniture in a Victorian house? No problem.

beige brooklyn kitchen

Often, coming up with the right style for a space also means simplifying. “I always tell people, less is more. Get rid of stuff! Get back to the basics; keep things simple and clear. We are sometimes burdened by our stuff and that could prevent us from enjoying a healthy lifestyle. That’s why I teach people how to let go”, she explains. “I usually do a consultation to find out what their needs are and where they feel stuck, and then I come up with a plan – whether it’s preparing for a baby or moving in with a boyfriend, I pride myself on being flexible and open to accommodate the needs of the client”.

Her background in theater and singing makes her entire organization process feel seamless and well-orchestrated, no matter what challenges the client is facing. She takes each client’s unique situation into account, and plans her work accordingly.

chair and bookshelf with instruments

She takes a similar approach to her growing practice as a doula, or birth assistant. “I help parents get organized for their growing families and the birth of their children. I really love it – it’s inspiring to help bring new life into the world and support the birth team”.

wood accent chair

We learned a lot from Jaye on how to stay organized and let a space flow naturally. As she recommends, AptDeco can help you start your design process by letting go. “Get rid of stuff that doesn’t lift you up, energetically. If it’s dragging you down, if it isn’t useful or if it doesn’t bring you joy, just let it go”. We’ll help you find a new home for all the belongings that have served their purpose, and fill your home with new life.

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