Lotus and Michael are a young couple on the hunt for eclectic and unique pieces. Like many people in the city, they’ve moved from one rental place to another which have encouraged them to redecorate on a regular basis. We sat down with them to talk about their go-to-plan for creating their new home.

Moving into a new apartment with Lotus and Michael

Hi guys, thank you so much for welcoming us into your home. We really appreciate it! How long have you been living in this apartment?

Lotus: We moved here in April. We’ve been jumping around the city actually.

I love what you’ve done with the place! Seems like it took a lot of creativity and planning. What’s been your process for decorating your home?

L: Michael and I love exploring and discovering furniture. We map our space out and ask ourselves whether a piece is functional and beautiful at the same time.

Interesting. Do you actually draw a map to figure out where the furniture’s going to be or do you just organize it along the way?

Michael: Actually we mapped out the place when we first moved here. We figured it out and then went from there.

L: We still have some stuff we want to do. We actually have to finish painting the place.

This is always an ongoing project, right? Are you always adding or changing stuff?

M: Yeah, I don’t think we’ve ever been done with a place and we’ve been in 4 different places here in NY. We’ll probably do some small upgrades to the place but the furniture is pretty much set for now.

L: I don’t see us swapping out some furniture any time soon. Although, we don’t own the place. We rent it. So at some point we’re going to be forced to move again. This is part of NY’s lifestyle, right?

Moving into a new apartment with Lotus and Michael - kitchen

Yeah, we feel the pain! What about your style? Do both share the same style or do you have arguments about some of the pieces you’re getting?

L: Well I’d say that for the most part Michael takes the lead. I advocate for the pieces and he makes the final decision.

M: Yeah, she actually has more free time than I do (laughing). So every once in a while she sends me a list of furniture that she’s found online and I say “no, no, ok, maybe” until we find the right pieces.

L: That’s right. It’s like a hobby for me. I just like finding stuff online and seeing if it’s a fit for our apartment.

I can definitely relate to that. Do you check for furniture in different places or just have a single one that you always go back to?

L: I normally visit a couple of sites, including AptDeco, and get inspiration from some brand catalogs that I get regularly. It’s actually very nice to see those branded items being recycled in various sites. I’d like to buy everything but of course that’s not possible. So, I take a look at the catalogs I get in the mail, select the pieces I like and then go online to find the same, or similar pieces from other brands.

And what kind of pieces do you usually go for?

L: I like quality items made in the US. Pieces that are premium, well-regarded and made by a good brand. We also like to make sure that the pieces have the right dimensions for our place, especially when it comes to getting them up the stairs. I don’t have the same spatial dimensional awareness that Michael has though. That’s why I always ask him about it.

Moving into a new apartment with Lotus and Michael - stair-shaped chest

What about this cool stair-shaped chest? Were you actually looking for something like this or did you just found it and realized that it was the one?

L: Well, like Michael said we’ve mapped something out when we first moved here. We were thinking of building something to divide the space but then we thought about the time and the money that we had to put into it we started looking for something that made it possible without much work.

And then I found this great piece on AptDeco! I hadn’t seen something like it before which was pretty cool. The seller was actually hesitant to sell it at the beginning – she even canceled the purchase request that I sent. She said that they’ve spilled something on it and she wanted to make sure that I’d be ok with those conditions. And I’m perfectly happy with it. It’s a fantastic piece!

It is an unique piece! Does it come separate in different pieces?

L: It does and you can reassembly it in a different shape if you’d like to.

That’s cool! We noticed that you’ve bought a number of pieces on AptDeco. Do you guys remember the first piece you got in the site?

M: I think it was the mirrored dresser.

L: Yeah. It has a story too.

Moving into a new apartment with Lotus and Michael - dresser

Oh interesting. Can you tell us about it?

M: Sure. Lotus found it and she had wanted a mirrored dresser for a while, so we thought “why not?”. We have a small room and mirrors do wonders in constrained spaces.

So we got it delivered and one of the mirrors cracked while it was in its way to our place. One of the handle had some pressure on it and mirrored drawers are very very fragile. The delivery guys were very apologetic though and they offered to pay for the repair as per AptDeco’s policy. They even suggested a place that we could take it to.

L: Yeah, they were adorable. But I didn’t have the heart to let them pay for the repair. So we payed for it ourselves.

We got that piece for our old place a year ago. And when we moved to this new place, I made sure to remove everything to protect it. But it still got a new crack.

That’s a quite a story. But you can almost not see the crack so it should be ok. What’s the next piece that you guys are in the hunt for?

M: We’re thinking to get a mirror and possibly some new storage units for the bedroom. There’s always a need for more space!

Yeah, storage is a major thing here in the city. You can never have too much. Well guys, good luck in your search and updates. You’ve done a great job so far. Thanks again!

Moving into a new apartment with Lotus and Michael - books collection

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