New Yorkers have long been innovators and definers of how Americans can live well in small spaces. Now more than ever, the global appeal of small, efficient living and the need for 1 and 2 person residences in NYC has skyrocketed. Creative design has stepped up to build a community and quality of life based on the philosophy of ‘keeping it simple’.

Not just for grad students or 20 somethings anymore, micro living is appealing to singles and couples of all ages and walks of life – childless professionals, service workers and retirees. The affordability of micro living is once again making room for diversity in Manhattan, Queens, and Brooklyn; offering an appealing alternative to getting pushed into outer, less expensive boroughs and the prospect of a long, expensive and annoying commute into the city.

By using design and efficiency as the model, an emerging movement of used furniture and decor for small dwellings is taking off in a big way. Furniture designed for minimal space is increasingly stylish, comfortable, and utterly livable. Have some fun creating chic and clever solutions to individualize and bond to your new living space, while impressing friends and family in the process.

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Necessity is the mother of invention

Forbes recently gave the public a private tour of what upscale small living looks like around the country. Highlights include design solutions that are fun and innovative – such as stairs that double as drawers, bars that act as desks, and kitchen workspaces and dining tables with hidden storage.

Small and versatile media solutions allow a whole entertainment center to be suspended on a wall, or in a hutch – starting with a wall-mounted TV, digital music and programing on-demand. Murphy beds, once considered a lumpy necessity to be uncomfortably tolerated, have gotten really cushy and very fashionable – the perfect solution for opening up a limited living space.

If you’re currently on the hunt for that special storage piece, take a peek at our Storage catalog. You’ll find fun and practical solutions for your space.

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Totally Modular

A design trend that meets this NY lifestyle consists on modular spaces such as My Micro NY, the city’s first micro-apartment complex at 335 East 27th Street.

Made up of prefabricated modular micro units built at the Brooklyn Navy Yard, the apartments feature kitchenettes, wheelchair-accessible bathrooms with a closet, and 70 cubic foot storage lofts. The units are built by New Yorkers, transported in trucks, then stacked and locked together, creating a high rise in pieces.

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Location, Location, Amenities. And MORE Amenities.

New Yorkers have traditionally valued location over space, and great amenities don’t hurt. Newly constructed micro dwelling communities are boasting multi-purpose community space, studies, and media rooms. High end gyms, bicycle storage and rooftop gardens are becoming the norm. Providing efficient privacy and a sense of community is the new wave in shared living – without the hassle of dealing with messy housemates.

The efficiency and affordability of micro living is the perfect solution to New York’s housing crunch. Smaller and highly livable developments for singles and couples change the problematic trend of shared living driving up the cost of larger units, squeezing out families. This wave of desirable dwelling will bring rental costs down- keeping New York fun, funky and eclectic.

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