Living in a small – okay, super tiny – apartment doesn’t mean your personal style has to suffer. A smaller footprint may give you less to work with but it also means you can go lavish. After all, you don’t have to buy as much to deck out your place, so you can make all your pieces count. So go ahead and live large!

To prove it, we’ve got 7 studios to show you that any small space can look like a million bucks. As you can see, they have plenty of things in common to give them a sleek look. If you’re looking to recreate, here’s what you’ve got to keep in mind:

  • Lack of clutter

    Each space feels open and airy, despite being small. Everything has its own place and everything has a use, with unnecessary items gone.

  • Furniture fit to scale

    Choosing the right furniture is important. No matter what you’re style, it’s important that your furnishings fit the space you have. For a studio, that means no oversized sofas or huge chairs that takes up valuable floor space.

  • Monochrome look

    Colors tend to lean to the simple side. All the apartments tend to stick with light shades of color. Even when there is an accent color thrown in, it’s just one color, rather than the full spectrum of the rainbow. Keeping things simple helps keep your place looking more glam.

  • Loads of light

    Regardless of the size of your place, light is a must. For small spaces in particular, light helps keep things more open. A bright space feels like a larger space so go on and add lighting and mix it up with ceiling, table or floor lamps.

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