Going out on the town with friends is fun but can add up quickly. Plus, sometimes you just want to have a few people over to kick back with some drinks in the comfort of your own home. Hiding your liquor away is so 1980s. Display your collection on a bar cart.

Bar carts are a beautiful way to showcase your taste and style. Setting one up can can get frustrating but we’re here to help. We’ve got the tips to help you set up your bar cart. Soon you’ll have one that will impress even the City’s best mixologists.

Empty Vintage Bar Cart


Think about the items that you’ll use most frequently. Since it’s a bar cart, you may want to have your liquor collection on top. If the bar is its secondary use, you may want to stash your liquor collection on a shelf below. We’ve stacked liquors and glasses on top, with the ice bucket and other less frequently used items on the bottom.

Create Zones

Anyone with a small apartment, especially a studio, knows about the importance of properly dividing a space. The same holds true with your bar cart. Create a “zone” on each shelf. Use trays to further separate items. We use a red tray with gold embellishments that match both the red accents of the liquor bottles and gold design in the glasses. Placing the glasses on the tray helps to further delineate this section from the liquor bottles.

Liquor Bar Cart Setup

Groups of Three

There’s a mathematical theory that divides all spaces into nine sectors and frequently applied to the world of art and design. Within each sector is a group of three. Clusters of three feel natural to the eye and are great for when you start accessorizing. The bar cart is no different. We’ve grouped together a set of three books and a set of three bar accessories to individualize each grouping, while making them pretty for the eye.

Personalize It

Like everything else in your home, you want your bar cart to reflect your personality. Don’t copy exactly what you see in a photo shoot. From the type of liquors you enjoy to grandpa’s old decanters, everything should reflect a slice of who you are. For us, mixing in vintage pieces that we love helped set the bar (pun intended) a little higher. It’s a great way to add personality that doesn’t look store-bought.

Mid Century Bar Cart Setup