The last season (or half season) of Mad Men is nearly here and we can’t wait to see what happens to Don Draper and his inner circle. Even more so, we’re excited to see what styles this season will showcase. Hint – we’re expecting it to go full on 1970s.

But before the final season airs this weekend, we thought we’d take a look at some of our favorite sets. From a dark and masculine mid century modern to bright and cheerful streamlined eclectic boho, the spaces are timely and inspiring. It’s hard not to love the various pieces from the set so we’ll show you how to achieve the same look.

Don & Betty’s Traditional Home

Don and Bettys Mad Men Living Room

Photo: AMC

Mad Men starts off with Don and Betty as a married couple in the suburbs of NYC. They’ve been married for a number of years so it’s likely that most of the items in their home were acquired in the early 1950s. Classic heirloom pieces like the coffee table are paired with slightly modern, yet still traditional pieces like the wraparound sofa. Their suburban Americana home’s style reflects their ideal of being the quintessential American family.

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The Madison Avenue Office

Don Draper Mad Men Office

Photo: AMC

Each season, we see Don Draper’s office change. Early on, his office reflects 1960s modern sensibilities with a masculine bend. Wood paneled walls combine with dark and neutral modern walnut furniture in his office, setting the mood for Don’s drinking and other male-centric ways. Let’s not forget the fully stocked bar, handy at a moment’s notice.

Photo: AMC

Photo: Frank Ockenfels / AMC

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A Young Upper East Side Apt

Pete and Trudy Mad Men Apt

Photo: AMC

A young Manhattan socialite couple usually fills their home with the latest upscale trends. The same holds true for Pete and Trudy in their upper east side apartment. Upon entrance, a trio of Witco style art pieces hang on the wall. Just beyond, a mix of happy colors fills the home area of this upscale urban couple.

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Don Draper’s Bachelor Pad

Mad Men (Season 5)

Photo: AMC via LA Times

Post-Betty, Don’s on his own in Manhattan. Enter a sleek mid century modern pad with all the bells and whistles fit for a high-roller bachelor. As an ad exec, Don is on the cutting edge and we expect no less from his home. Much of the design is based on what’s in the Sterling Cooper offices. From Eames to Knoll, it’s all high design. Masculine neutrals are complemented with accessories in bright pops of color.

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Hollywood Style


Photo: Eric Laignel / Interior Design

Take a look at Megan Draper’s bachelorette pad and you’ll notice the difference between the traditional and modern places on the east coast and her west coast place. California was the birthplace of the hippie movement and its influence spread to fashion and design throughout the state during this time period. You can see it reflected in Megan’s place. As a Hollywood scenester, she puts together a bright and cheery eclectic look time to create a young boho chic look. A mishmash of colors and styles are used to showcase her open and wild spirit.

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Final Season Sneak Peek

Mad Men Final Season Decor

Photo: AMC

Show creators are keeping a tight lid on Mad Men’s final season but have released a few pictures. Judging by the outfits and décor, we’re betting that they’re fast forwarding to the 1970s. 1976 to be exact, based on the trailer that features Diana Ross’ 1976 hit “Love Hangover.” Stylistically, it’s a big jump from the 1960s. We expect that we’ll see lots of orange, avocado, mustard yellow and brown – the predominant colors of this era. The style of the 1970s varied widely from low sofas to ornate dressers.

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Written by Susan Nathan, Content Consultant for AptDeco