We’re constantly seeing articles on how to put together a great mudroom. But let’s be realistic. We live in NYC, where many of us are lucky to even get a tiny hall entryway. That doesn’t mean we should just ignore our entryways. After all, it is the first part of your place that you, and everyone else, see when they walk in.

Putting together your entryway is about making the most of the available space, especially the walls. Think practical and get creative when figuring out how to best use this space.

Here are five items you can add to even the smallest of entryways to give your home a little more style.

Narrow Tables

Forget the standard hallway console table. You need something even more narrow if you expect to hold all your items without having to turn sideways as you walk by. A super narrow console table gives you a place to drop your keys and wallet. We recommend picking up a narrow console with a bottom shelf so you can store and hide away items with some extra storage space.

Long Narrow Entryway Table

Sunnyside Up
Shoe Racks

What self-respecting New York woman doesn’t have at least 300 pairs of shoes? While most may be hidden away in the closet or under the bed, there are always the few go-to pairs that need to stay out. Toss a basket or two underneath a console table or shelf to create a place for you to place your shoes.

Entryway Shoe Storage


Placing a mirror in your entryway serves two purposes. It’s a great way to do one last spot check of your pretty self before you head on out the door. It also visually magnifies your space to make it look bigger. Adding a mirror is a win-win all around.

Mid Century Mirror in Entryway

SF Girl by Bay
Coat Rack

The majority of the year in NYC amounts to coat weather. When you get home, don’t just toss your coat on the floor. Invest in a cool coat rack for you and guests to use. Bonus? You won’t have to pile coats up on the bed during parties.

Coat Hook

Industrial Hanging Coat Rack

Wood Grain Cottage
Umbrella Stand

It rains in NYC. A ton. And usually when you don’t expect it. Don’t go searching for your umbrella anymore. Pick up an umbrella stand. They take up minimal space and you’ll always know where your umbrella is when that next downpour happens.

Owl Umbrella Stand