Open concept kitchens are taking over. It’s hardly a new trend but it’s not one that’s going away any time soon, either. When it comes to entertaining, an open concept kitchen works wonderfully since you can talk to guests as you cook (or reheat) and serve. The downside (especially in smaller city apartments) is there’s just not enough counter space.

Enter the kitchen island. This versatile piece can serve as counter space, kitchen storage and with the right bar stools, it can even double as an eating counter! One of the biggest perks of having a kitchen island is its mobility. Don’t like where it sits? Move it to another spot.

Having a kitchen island doesn’t mean you have to have a huge piece, nor does it mean a boring version. We’ve got some kitchen islands that you wouldn’t mind getting stranded with in your home.

Military Trunk Kitchen Island

A rusty old desk gets a makeover. Add a wood countertop and some bar stools to match for a 1-of-a-kind kitchen island.

Kitchen Island Dresser

DIY is the theme to creating a unique kitchen island. Take an old, ugly or damaged dresser, add some height with legs you can pick up at a hardware store and paint away. Add wood pallets and have them jut out over one side for a dining space.

Colorful Classic Kitchen Island

Run of the mill kitchen islands don’t have to look that way. Paint can give the piece a whole new look that softens up your kitchen or just gives it a pop of color.

Small Rustic Kitchen Island

Plain and simple, rustic is in. Not handy? Have someone make one for you from reclaimed wood. In fact, we’ve got a few great sellers that will do just that!

Vintage Kitchen Island

Another option of reusing furniture is taking an old curio and using it as a kitchen island. With space so limited these days, many people are getting rid of the curios and opting for smaller storage. It’s a great chance to take one and make it your own.

Chalkboard Kitchen Island

Standardized counter tops can get a new spin to make them look unique. Here we’ve got one that’s got chalkboard paint on the backside. It’s a great place to write notes, like your grocery list, after you’ve cooked up your last egg.

Narrow Kitchen Island

For a really small space, you may want to forget the storage and go for something super narrow that won’t take up much of a footprint. Besides, the open area will give it a visually larger impact.

Desk Turned into Kitchen Island

Finally, here’s another desk that’s turned into a kitchen island. With its marble countertop, it gets more of a swank look and looks like a custom build rather than a transformation.

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