Adding color to your space doesn’t need to be a lot of work. There are simple things you can do at home to freshen up your space, no matter what season or occasion. In this how-to we are showing the step by step process of dip-dying a lamp shade!

Quick, easy, and looks great? We’re all about that. Follow along this post to make one for yourself.

Dip Dye DIY - what you'll needdivider-diyblogpostDip Dye DIY - what you'll need 2

What You’ll Need

  1. Cloth lampshade, paper lined is okay.
  2. Fabric dye: we used RIT Fabric Dye.
  3. Water, of course.
  4. Paint brush
  5. Shallow container or tray, just make sure the rim of your lampshade can sit flat in it.
  6. Trash bag (for easy clean-up!)

Let’s Get Started

First : We lined the inside of our container with the trash bag. For extra cleanliness with taped the bag to the container.

Dip Dye DIY lamp shade - first step

Second : Then we dampened the entire lamp shade with water, this helped the ink spread farther. If you don’t want as thick of a dyed band, dampen the lampshade only a few inches up from the rim. Give it a few minutes to soak in – about 5 minutes.

Dip DYE lamp shade - process

Third : Follow the instructions on the packaging of your dye. Stir it up, and pour into your tray. If the liquid doesn’t cover the entire bottom, that’s okay, just make sure there’s a pretty generous amount.

Dip Dye DIY lamp shade - process 2

Fourth : Set the bottom or top rim in the liquid mixture. We left ours sit for about 45 minutes without disturbing it. The dye will travel pretty quickly since it’s already damp.

Dip Dye DIY lamp shade- process 3 Dip Dye DIY lamp shade - process 4

Fifth : Remove the lamp shade from the dye mixture and set it somewhere else – possible on top of an open bag in the floor. Next, let it dry over night.

Dip Dye DIY lamp shade - process 5

Voilà! You’ll wake up to a gorgeous new lamp shade in your space. As you can see, the dye got lighter overnight, creating a colorful, yet soothing fade.

We’re loving so much how ours came out. It’s now giving some color to our AptDeco HQ’s in Midtown Manhattan.

Dip Dye DIY lamp shade