This time around, we had the opportunity to see a totally different side of the furniture industry – staging. When selling a home, realtors will always tell you to stage the space so that anyone can see themselves living there. This means having nice furniture that blends into the space without clutter.

We had the opportunity to meet up with Joyce, an interior designer from Decorilla. She was hired to work on staging an apartment in a new build in one of Brooklyn’s up and coming neighborhoods, and purchased a number of pieces from us. We had the chance to see the final product and boy, were we wowed!

Full Bedroom Photo in Bed Stuy

We’ll leave it up to Joyce to explain a little more about the process and how she ended up incorporating pieces from AptDeco.

Meet Decorilla

I was hired through Decorilla to stage a space in a new building by Urban View Development in Bedford-Stuyvesant by exclusive broker, Toni Martin of Corcoran. The building itself has an urban modern look to it. Inside, is where it really shines. The space I worked with has a beautiful open layout. It would have been a really easy project, except I was given a very tight budget expected to fully furnish a 3-bedroom apartment.

Bed Stuy New Development Collage

Since the building is in a trending area of Brooklyn (as most of Brooklyn is), the design had to be up to date, fit the neighborhood and the profile of potential buyers. This meant I had to really think about where I source items from. The budget didn’t allow for picking up many of the furniture items at retail.

I’d heard about AptDeco through other Decorilla designers. I browsed through the website and found a number of items that fit the bill. Some of the items I picked up were a striped pattern rug from West Elm, counter stools and a mirror from Safavieh and a pair of glass jug table lamps originally from Home Goods. My favorite purchase, though, was a set of 4 Calligaris Italian leather chairs from a local Brooklynite for a total of $180. These chairs normally retail for over $300 a piece.

Bed Stuy New Apt

There were a few other items that came from AptDeco. Despite the delivery services, I opted to pick up each item because that’s what I do. For those that don’t have the luxury of having a car in NYC, and there are plenty that don’t, it’s a nice option to have.

Mixed in with AptDeco items were other budget-friendly things. I went the DIY route when it came to art. A friend and I came together to create the large painting in the master bedroom, along with the 4 paintings in the guest bedroom. A trip to the Brooklyn Flea, just a few blocks away, and through my own staging inventory garnered some more items. The space was finished off with a few more odds and ends items from some large box retailers.

The final result is a success! Even with the tight budget, the space feels warm and inviting. The décor reflects the apartment, the building and overall feel of the neighborhood, while being perfectly livable. With a little creativity, staging on a budget is easier than anyone could ever imagine.

Shabby Chic Bedroom in Bed Stuy

All pictures photographed by Rayon Richards.