Meet Victoria, a social worker in the criminal justice field whose New York apartment is filled with warmth and natural light, and her one year old pitbull, Clover. Much like her chosen career field, Victoria’s decorating style comes straight from the heart; she’s filled her space with vintage pieces infused with memories to create a welcoming home.

victoria in her eclectic and colorful living room

Victoria works for Supervised Release, a program at the New York City Criminal Justice Agency. Her interest in criminal justice came from her compassion and desire to help others. She first started as an illustrator but decided to do mix things up. “I felt like I needed to do something more purposeful with my life,” says Victoria.

colorful eclectic nyc apartmentvictoria's colorful apartment - victoria's pitbull

However she still enjoys illustrating in her free time, and she likes to do it in the comfort of her home. Victoria has created an artist’s niche, and surrounds herself with the same warmth that she brings to her career. “When I illustrate, I do it in a workspace that I have at home. I have a desk and two of my favorite drawings hung up on the wall. The area has a great lighting that helps me to get inspired,” she says.

colorful apartment - home office

Victoria’s decor includes: Pine Corner Cupboard (bought on AptDeco for $150)

Victoria’s decorating style starts from the heart and incorporates the spirit and love of those around her. She says that she started creating collages with patterns when she was young. “When I decorate, I like vintage or older looking pieces. I always look back at my collages to find inspiration for my decor. I like having things that are dear to me and have a story behind it.”

colorful apartment - vintage blue chair

Victoria’s decor includes: Safavieh Royal Blue Arm Chair (originally $299.80, bought on AptDeco for $239)

The result is a space with lots of colors and vintage pieces that make anyone feel right at home. Victoria says, “I get a lot of compliments about my apartment being comfortable and welcoming. I really like that.”

She’s also inherited part of the apartment’s character and made it her own. “I didn’t paint the place when I first moved in here. I didn’t want to change it because I felt in love with the colors, and the painted mouse hole in the living room (laughs). I feel like each room has it’s own mood. For example, the bedroom is more relaxing, and the living room is more energetic – it’s all about the colors.”

orange vintage living room

How does one replicate Victoria’s bright and friendly one-bedroom? She says she takes her time about deciding on each piece. “My favorite piece is a vanity that I got on AptDeco. I saw the vanity and loved it right away, but I waited to make sure that feeling stayed with me.” Victoria reports that she waited a little, and then went for it. It’s her favorite piece of furniture in the apartment.

vintage turquoise vanity

Victoria’s decor includes: Antique Shabby Chic Drop Center Vanity (originally $700, bought on AptDeco for $200)

We loved visiting Victoria’s apartment and learning about her motivation to create such a heartwarming and welcoming home. She’s a true testament that you’re never too young to create such a captivating living space.

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