We’re so excited about the Friends’ cast reunion that we got inspired to bring you a special guide to decorate your home just like Monica’s apartment. Follow these simple recommendations and your place will be the place-to-be amongst your friends.

Home decor inspired by Friends - Monica's apartment
 photo by Thought Catalog

Purple up your home

Purple is one of the signature elements of Monica’s apartment. This color will perfectly highlight the rest of your decoration without being too intrusive. Do you remember that question on Friends’ final episode: ‘Has it always been purple?’

If you’re too afraid to paint an entire room in purple, try painting a wall or two with this color. It’d still look amazing! As Apartment Therapy described it, purple is a daring color that will take your style to another level.

Home Decor inspired by Friends - Monica's Apartment - living room 

photo by Gonzoo

No rules

Even though Monica loves rules, she managed to create a chillout decor style. Her apartment is a mix of  different styles, colors and textures which brings warmth to her home.

Create a space you love by putting together things you like. Feel free to mix different chairs in your dining room or to add as many accent pieces as you’d like to. Just have fun and you’ll be rocking an eclectic look!

Home decor inspired by Friends - Monica's Apartment - dining room
photo by Mirror

Comfortable accent pieces

Use decorative cushions, rugs and blankets to complement your decor. Try peppering things with colorful or geometric designs and a neutral sofa. It will create the perfect scenario for a Netflix night with your friends.


Home decor inspired by Friends - Monica's apartment - accent pieces
photo by Furniture Choice and Warner Bros

A chef’s kitchen

Use your kitchen space as much as possible, especially if you have a small space. Use shelves, cabinets and pot racks to organize your cooking tools and decorate your kitchen.  You can recreate this look by using organizers from places like JC Penney and The Home Depot. It will motivate you to cook like a chef – just like Monica.

Home decor inspired by Friends - Monica's apartment - kitchen
photo by Cute Furniture

Details matter

Even the smallest things can add to your decoration. Add a special touch to your home with simple pieces like vintage posters, flowers or a picture frame around the eyehole of your front door. Your friends will definitely be blown away by the glamour and attention to detail.

Home decor inspired by Friends - Monica's apartment - door photo by Hooked on Houses

Finally, just grab some inspiration to create a cozy and fun space. Your friends will give you a standing ovation!