Creativity is the name of the game for Mary Jane and Elias, a New York couple with a growing family and cozy home. Elias works in sales at Bergdorf Goodman and writes poetry in his spare time, and Mary Jane, 8-months pregnant, is taking some time off her career in childcare to start preparing for the birth of their first child and to return to painting and photography. With some help from AptDeco, the two have created a warm and welcoming home that allows them to practice their artistic hobbies and explore their interior decorating taste.

creative room with navy sectional and antique coffee table

Mary Jane and Elias’ decor game include: Antique Iron Coffee Table (originally $2,500, bought on AptDeco for $75), Vintage Rug (originally $2,000, bought on AptDeco for $100)

Mary Jane moved to New York from Hawaii, and remembers getting her start in NYC with a few adjustments. As a painter, her decorating style trends toward neutral colors. “I was happy to move here, but there was still this same sense of me that I’ve brought from Hawaii. I’ve wanted to recreate certain aesthetics: as creative as I am, I am a little OCD about having everything color-wise that I want. I want our bedroom to be in creams and grey because it’s not as distracting”. Her first apartment was also significantly smaller than the one she and Elias currently share, and she’s realized how important natural light and space are for her creativity and comfort.

e decor letter and creative painting

Mary Jane and Elias’ decor game include: fairy tale painting illustrated by Mary Jane

This is the first apartment she and Elias have shared together. He also started in a smaller space, so the two of them were starting from scratch when purchasing furniture for their new, bigger apartment. The first piece of furniture in their new space is the sofa, which Elias bought online a while ago. “It was sort of bigger than I expected”, Elias laughs. Nevertheless, the couch is the epicenter of his creative space: “I do all my work in the living room. She doesn’t like the couch as much as me, but I do everything in here” (laughs).

Mary Jane, however, prefers working in the bedroom, though recently she moved the desk to a brighter part of the apartment where the natural light helps her work. “Even when I paint, I’m in the bedroom. I use breakfast trays and work from bed. It’s so cozy in here”, she says.

creative bedroom with white bed and white credenza

Mary Jane and Elias’ decor game include: Upholstered King Headboard (originally $2,000, bought on AptDeco for $350)

Her first big purchase for the apartment? The rug in the living room! “This rug is one of the first things we bought – on AptDeco, actually – and I didn’t even measure the room. I saw it and loved it and got it and then told him after the fact. It really pulls the room together”, she explains.

Elias agrees. “I think it’s really important to feel like your space represents you and how you feel”. Though when they first moved in together, they admit to have made some impulse purchases that became less aesthetically appealing over time, they made sure that their home was filled with love. “Everything we do – hobbies, for example – we really love, so everything that surrounds us needs to be full of love as well”, he says.

creative work space with human paintings

Mary Jane and Elias’ decor game include: Human paintings illustrated by Mary Jane

As the couple begins to plan for their growing family, they’ve made a few key changes to their furniture and apartment layout. “We’ve started doing it little by little. We got rid of some things and we’ve been trying to open the bedroom area up”, says Elias.

“Babies need a lot of stuff, and as a result we’re starting to clear out the bedroom to make space. We had a super long dresser that we got rid of and bought a taller one, and we’ve been trading things out to make sure we are using the space that we have”, adds Mary Jane.

creative white baby nursery area creative white bedroom set

All of these changes to their apartment have been made easier with AptDeco. Mary Jane speaks highly about her experience, and credits it with giving her greater peace of mind. “Craigslist is awesome, but no one has a car here. Buying something large from anywhere – even if it’s from Target – always leads to the big question: How am I going to get these pieces home? I keep spreading the word about the site among our friends. It’s just so efficient. And with Craigslist, you never know if the person is sketchy or not, or if what you’re getting is going to work… with AptDeco it’s always been really positive,” she reports.

We loved learning about Mary Jane and Elias’s experience and discovering the thought and care they’ve taken in building a true pleasant home for their growing family!

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