For their second apartment together, Lauren and Craig knew when they saw it that their Park Slope space was just waiting for them. They looked at about 20 other apartments before finding their apartment full of natural light, modern appliances, and within two blocks of Lauren’s best friend. When they renewed their lease for the first time in a while (the couple’s been on the move for quite a while), they decided it was time to commit to getting some furniture and creating a well-balanced space.

lauren & craig in crate & barrel sectional sofa

Lauren and Craig’s decor includes: Crate & Barrel Sectional Sofa (originally $2,699, bought on AptDeco for $750)

Lauren and Craig run for fun, and started realizing that their love for running and entertaining would lead them down a path of taking decorating more seriously. Running became an activity that the two loved to do together after they signed up for the Brooklyn Half Marathon.

“He taught me how to not hate running,” laughs Lauren. The Brooklyn Half was her first race, though she’s been casually running for longer. “I feel like some people hate running because they get introduced to it wrong. A lot of people run too fast or don’t know how to pace themselves. It takes more time than you’d think for you to get good at running,” she says.

The two decided to invite people over for a post-race brunch, not expecting many people to have the energy to make it over after the race. To their surprise, almost everyone RSVP-ed yes – meaning they were going to need to feed 16 hungry runners!

lauren & craig nyc apartment - kitchen

“We didn’t even have that table when we had the brunch: we had 16 people and this place wasn’t decorated at all. We had the couch and a light, and we had to fit 16 people in here. So we went on a mad dash to get other stuff and one table, and then we borrowed other folding tables and stuff, and we got the rest of the place decorated just in time. It was the best day of the year – we couldn’t really move, but we had a friend of a friend who’s one of the top young chefs in NY cook for us,” recalls Lauren.

lauren & craig nyc apartment - mid-century dining set

Lauren and Craig’s decor includes: Crate & Barrel Felix Walnut Dining Set (originally $1,000, bought on AptDeco for $400)

Their dining table was an AptDeco find, and Lauren approached her table search with the same tenacity that it takes to train for a race. “Often I don’t really know what I’m looking for in a table [or another piece of furniture], but I know that i’m looking for a great deal – the most expensive table that I can get for the least amount of money. I’m not afraid to haggle – or at least to try,” Lauren says.

lauren & craig nyc apartment - crate & barrel media center

Lauren and Craig’s decor includes: Crate & Barrel Media Center (originally $600, bought on AptDeco for $140)

Lauren and Craig entertain a lot, and their apartment certainly reflects their busy lifestyle. Professionally, they both have worked in the startup world, and when they work from home it’s important to each of them that the space be clean and organized. Craig says, “My biggest thing is not having a lot of clutter or not a lot of stuff everywhere. If I’m ever going to do any work, I have to make sure to clean the space first.”

Lauren is a tutor – specializing in standardized tests, like the LSAT, SAT, and more – and she needs their home to have a professional feel. “Because I was home a lot it was important to me that this feel like a happy place. I wanted a space where I felt really comfortable and stress-free. Now, I have some students that I tutor here, so it’s part office. Now it stays a lot cleaner because students come over, and it needs to look really professional,” she explains.

lauren & craig nyc apartment - bedroom lauren & craig nyc apartment - bedroom

Lauren and Craig’s decor includes: Wardrobe (originally $500, bought on AptDeco for $150)

They’re both big advocates of finding second-hand furniture and deals online to make their apartment feel fancy without the high price tag. Lauren’s pro-tip? “Keep your timeframe open because the more flexible you are about timing, the better deals you can get. We’ve both moved so many times that we didn’t want to commit to furniture until we renewed a lease, but waiting means we often get some great finds.”

lauren & craig nyc apartment - living room & dining room

We loved having the opportunity of meeting Lauren & Craig, and the home that they created together. The couple certainly has an awesome space where anyone would love to run to.

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