This is one of our favorite design tips, making your ceilings look a mile high. It’s commonly referred to as the “high and wide” curtain tip. It will draw the eye up, making your windows seem larger – let’s take a look!


The Curtains

The hardest part of this curtain-hanging how-to will be picking out the curtains themselves. Because it depends on a fairly long curtain to accomplish the look, make sure you measure it or else you may end up fighting for your curtain’s life when it gets stuck in your vacuum.

Feel free to re-use a set of curtains or invest a little bit in a brand new set. From our experience, some great stores that sell extra long curtains are IKEAWest Elm, or TJ Maxx. You may also want to check out our décor section too – sometimes we carry interesting drapes that could match your style (and for less)!

The Rods

There are plenty of curtain rod options that will give you the look you are going for. We suggest Bed Bath & Beyond, they’ve got a great variety to suit anyone’s style. In order to get the living-large look with your drapes, you will need to use a rod that is longer than your window. To do this, measure the width of the window and then add the inches you would like your curtains to come out from the edges. For example, if you want your curtains to come about 10 inches out on each side of the window, and your window is 36 inches wide, you must get a curtain rod that is at least 56 inches long.

The Tools


Tools are necessary for anyone living in a city. From installing new lamps to getting your curtains up, good tools and some creativity will help you both save money and make room when there’s none. For this project in particular you’ll need the following tools:

  1. Drill: To pre-drill holes in the wall and then secure the screws in place. If you don’t already have one, check if you can borrow one from a friend or neighbor.
  2. Drill bits: Depending on the type of wall you’re drilling into you’ll need to get the appropriate drill bits! For more information on drill bits you can read this post from the DIY Network. Just make sure you don’t use a drill bit for masonry on a wooden wall.
  3. Step ladder & spotting buddy: Always be safe! Unless you’re really tall and can reach your ceiling already, make sure you get a small step ladder and a friend to watch over.
  4. Level:  Crooked curtains aren’t too cute!
  5. Measuring tape: You know, so the curtain rod is the right size.
  6. Screws: Usually these come with the curtain rod you purchased. But, if you’re reusing an old rod, make sure to get some screws and anchors of the right size.

Let’s Get Started!

Remember that bit of measuring you did? That comes in handy now in the form of not having to return things for being the wrong size (you’re welcomed!). Depending on how much wall space you have, curtain length, and rod length will determine how high and wide your curtain can be hung.

In this case, we measured 10 inches up from the top of the window, and 10 inches from each side of of the window. Now make light pencil marks and pre-drill your hole for the anchor.


After you’ve pre-drilled the hole, place the anchor (the plastic piece to prevent stripping) and drill the screw to secure the rod hook. Do this for each side, and feel free to add one in the middle if you feel the rod may eventually sag from the weight of the curtains.

Slide the curtains on and admire your handy work!


If you’re looking for a more visual guideline, we recommend you take a look at this short video on installing curtain rods with Barbara K from AOL Home Improvements.

If only Phoebe had read our DIY…  lucky for you, now you can just close your gorgeous curtains!


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