A few weeks back, we featured Joyce’s apartment redux for Decorilla. We talk to lots of people and most purchase through us for their own pad or a family member’s. We love this unique spin on purchasing pre-owned furniture and it’s great that seller pieces ended up in a beautifully curated home staging environment.

That got us thinking. Watch enough shows on HGTV and it’s apparent that staging your home is a must to sell fast and for the best price possible. Yes, we know the NYC market is a little bit skewed, but even the most bare-bone properties can benefit from getting the right home staging.

Fresh and Airy Living Room

Emma Jane Nation

Maybe you can’t afford your own designer to stage your home. Don’t worry – we’ve got 5 tips right here to help.

Hide Yo’ Kids, Hide Yo’ Wife

Okay, maybe you don’t want to literally hide your whole family away. What you do want to do is hide away items that are personalized. Pictures, awards, electronic wiring, collections and other super- personalized tchotchkes should get packed away so potential buyers can see themselves in their new home.

Organized Bathroom Shelves


Clutter-Free Zones

You should declutter your home at least once a year but let’s be honest, many people don’t. There are items we keep around because they’re sentimental to us in one way or another. Or there are things we just use on a frequent basis that we keep lying around for easy access. Have a friend come in and look with a fresh eye to point out where you may have clutter. A combination of sorting out shelves and packing things into boxes will help make your place look more organized.

Get it Mom Clean

Seriously, clean as if mom’s coming over. If you think she’ll look at your place and criticize your cleaning job, then focus on those areas. Your place should look hygienic and well taken care of. Don’t forget inside cupboards and closets – people will peek inside.

Neutral Living Room for Home Staging


Take the Neutral Side

Those red walls may be a favorite part of your home but potential buyers may not be on the same page as you. Paint your walls a neutral color so the new owners can live with it until they decide what they want to do. Stick on the lighter side with greys, yellows and just plain old white.

Showroom Sparkle

You may love your furniture but others may consider it outdated and unstylish. Look through magazines and real estate sites to see the latest trends. Then go the pre-owned route to pick up some basic pieces that will make your home stylish. Same goes with lighting fixtures. Keep it looking fresh. The great news? Once you’re done with the furniture, you can always sell them again!