As New Yorkers, we’re a bit used to almost non-existent kitchens. That doesn’t mean you have to completely kick cooking to the curb and resort to takeout every night. With some resourceful thinking and a touch of DIY, you could have a kitchen that’s the envy of you all friends, despite its small footprint.

Spice Collection

Baby Jar Spice Holder

Any self-respecting cook needs to have an army of spices by his or her side. Stacking them on the counter, though, isn’t a good option if you’ve only got a foot or two of counter space to work with. Throw in your crafty side by having a magnetic collection on the side of your fridge or underneath your cupboards. One part magnet and one part baby jar equals an innovative spice collection. If you have no access to baby jars, any small jar with a lid will do.

Hanging Pots and Pans

Hanging Pot Rack

Show off you inner chef, while using your wall or ceiling space to house your pots and pans. A ceiling rack can be purchased or use an old ladder to hang your cookware off of. If opting for the wall choice, a towel rack or thin support rails are perfect. It’ll save room in your lower cupboard for things like canned goods. If your pots and pans are a little scuffed up, don’t worry about it – it just means that whatever’s coming out of your kitchen is tasty.

Cupboard Door Storage

Cupboard Pegboard Utensil Holder

Cupboards only hold so much, especially if they’re the half–sized version. Attach pegboard on the inside of your cabinet doors and use hooks to hang your kitchen accessories. Every time you open your doors, it’s like a secret hideaway, plus all your kitchen essentials are in easy reach, without having to dig through drawers.

Drop-Down Table

Foldable Dining Table

No, you really don’t have to eat on your couch or standing over your countertop. Adding a place to eat is as simple as building a drop leaf table against your wall. It’s a shelf when not in use and when you need, just flip up the dropped part to become a table. No place for your chair either? Just hang up hooks and hook your chairs up when mealtime’s over.

Under-the-Sink Storage

Cleaning Supplies on Tension Rod

Room under the sink always seems to be a precious commodity so under-the-sink hacks are an absolute must. Sure, you can add extra shelving but to really make use of the upper space, hang a tension curtain rod across the area. Drape the handles of all your spray containers and cleaner over the rod so they hang off, ready to grab at a moment’s spill.

The Alchemist / Food Network / DIY Network / Home Design Lover / Real Simple